Avantapure Water Softener

Avantapure Water SoftenerThe Avantapure water softener uses state of the art technology which makes it one of the most efficient water softeners on the market today.  A typical water softener works in one of two ways. It either regenerates “on demand” or “time”. On demand means the unit counts the gallons of water used and after a specified capacity of gallons the unit initiates a regeneration. With the “on demand” type water softener there is a chance that you can run out of soft water if you surpass your capacity before the unit regenerates.

A “time” regenerating water softener is a unit that is set to come on every so many day regardless of the gallons used. The older systems use the manual regeneration while most of the newer systems depend on the “on demand” technology. This type of water softener is not very efficient since the water use is not always the same.

The Avantapure Water Softener takes “on demand” one step further. Not only does this unit regenerate based “on demand” but it has a built in brain which records up to a month of data of when and how often the water softener regenerated. The unit can go above and beyond by sensing if there is enough capacity left to get through the following day. For example, if the current day is Friday and there is not enough capacity left to get through Saturday the unit will do a partial regeneration to ensure soft water through Saturday.

The avantapure water softener comes with the best warranty in the industry! We offer a 10 year warranty on the brine tank and mineral tanks, 7 years on the valve components, and 7 years labor! Most companies don’t even give one year of Labor.

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For more information on the Avantapure water softener please visit http://www.avantapuresystems.com/


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