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Servall Water Conditioning has been a locally owned and operated water conditioning business in Las Vegas since 1978. We pride ourselves in our “WOW” service that we provide to all of our customers. We service almost all makes and models of water softeners, water conditioners, and reverse osmosis systems. If we come out to your home and we can’t fix the problem there is no charge to you!

At Servall Water Conditioning we offer free estimates on new equipment. If you are looking for a new water softener, water conditioner, or reverse osmosis system we will help you find exactly what you are looking for. All water treatment systems are not created equally. Most people think they can run down to the local hardware store and grab the cheapest unit and it will work fine, but this is far from the truth. Sizing your water softener or water treatment equipment depends on your home size, plumbing size, # of people living in the home, and a few other factors.  This is why we recommend having a free estimate performed for you. Even if you don’t buy any equipment from Servall Water, at least you will have a better understanding of the type of water conditioning equipment that is recommended for your home.

Reverse Osmosis systems are also not all created equally.  Yes you can buy a “cheap” lower end reverse osmosis drinking water system, but it will not give you the quality and dependability of good system. We offer several different types of reverse osmosis drinking water systems for different requirements and budgets. Most of the time our systems are very close to the same cost of the hardware stores if not cheaper and with better warranties.

Warranties: One of the best things about dealing with a local Las Vegas water conditioning company is getting repairs done under the warranty. Most of the time your system will last so long that you don’t need any parts replaced within your warranty, but in the small chance that you do need repairs done under the warranty period we will take care of you.  Most big retailers or hardware stores require you to send the part in and then in return they send you the replacement parts. If you have to go this route, then you are not able to use your water treatment equipment that you have invested in. At Servall Water Conditioning we carry all the parts to our systems on the service truck. Since we work on all makes and models of water treatment equipment there may be some specialty systems that we have to order parts for but this is rare.

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I have used Serv-All for 14 years in 2 homes.


Our water softener and reverse osmosis system was…

Longtime customer!

Thank you for coming out to my home and taking care of


Thank you for taking such good care of us when no other company


Thank you for taking such good care of us!


I have been with this business for over 20 years!

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